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Thrive is not a landscape company. Thrive is a healthcare company that specializes in the care and health of plant life.


Plants don’t have voices, but they do speak to us if you know how to listen. With THRVE, your lawn and plants have that trained professional listening to them. Under our care, your lawn and plants will receive regular check-ups by true healthcare experts. They are fed with the proper nutrients and vitamins they need, they are monitored for the water they rely on, and their defenses are strengthened or augmented when under attack by pests and disease.


Plants, be it the lawn your children play on or the landscape trees and shrubs that frame your home and patio; have immense value to human health and well-being. Quite simply, humanity cannot exist without them. Plants are responsible for the air we breathe as well as cleaning that air. They are responsible for much of our food, medicines, vitamins, and our clothing. They provide shelter and the material for our homes. They are responsible for rubber and plastic, biofuels, and provide natural pesticides and repellants. They fertilize our soil and keep it from eroding, cool our planet and outdoor settings while providing beauty and fragrance. They also provide immeasurable economic value.


Sadly they are often the last thing we think of as needing special care. The reality is, that they need these things as much as we do, and it is equally important to our lives that they receive it. Our lawn & plant healthcare professionals are uniquely educated and trained in helping the needled and leafy greenery around us remain healthy, bloom robustly, grow with vigor, and well………..THRIVE!

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