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The #1 killer of plant material in Northeast Ohio is under or

over watering. Don't put your plants and the horticultural

care they need in the hands of plumbers or pipe-layers and

their irrigation companies. Trust your plant's most critical of

needs to the irrigation experts at Thrive.

Irrigation Start Ups & Shut Downs

Proper start ups and shut downs are vital to insure that your

landscape thrives and your system functions for years to come.

Irrigation Repairs & Adjustments

A problem in your irrigation system will cost you wasted

water and energy and can jeopardize the health of your

landscape. Our professionals have extensive experience in

locating, identifying and resolving all types of irrigation issues.

Comprehensive Irrigation Management Programs

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits

  • Check condition of plants and lawn

  • Install rain gauges to monitor precipitation rates

  • Conduct deep soil probes to monitor moisture content

  • Adjust irrigation heads as needed

  • Make necessary repairs

  • Replace controller batteries

  • Fine tune operation times to account for seasonal weather and temperature changes

  • Adjust spray patterns

  • Change the precipitation rates of nozzles to account for microclimates within a zone

Water Sprinkler
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