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Plant Healthcare

Make your plants live. We can help.


Standard Plant Healthcare

This seven (7) visit program will control common insect and disease outbreaks as well as nutrient deficiencies in all trees, shrubs, and plants under 20 feet tall throughout the property. Using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, all plants will be monitored, diagnosed and treated accordingly. Pesticide application reports and monitoring reports will be kept and shared with the client after each visit.


Target Application

For a single tree/shrub with a pest or disease issue. Examples include rose treatments, control for azalea lace bug, various mites, tree-boring insects, and sprays for disease such as apple scab. The list of available treatments is extensive, so your Plant Healthcare Specialist can provide the correct diagnosis and prescribe a plan to correct the issue.


Deep Root Fertilization 

Delivering Macro and Micronutrients where the plant needs it most, this application delivers a liquid fertilizer injection 4—6 inches deep in the soil in a 2—3-foot pattern throughout the root zone. This decreases the likelihood the fertilizer will wash away or be taken up by a non-target plant. Deep root fertilization is a good option for trees and deeply rooted shrubs as well as perennial plants beds. Fertilizer selection is done by your Plant Healthcare Specialist based on several site-specific factors and will often recommend a soil sample to better guide the fertilizer choice. This application is recommended every 1—3 years. 


Perimeter Pests and Mosquito Barrier Sprays

Problems with pests? Stop bothersome bugs from making your home their home by creating a barrier with our Mosquito Barrier Sprays. Lasting up to eight weeks*, these sprays are applied to moist, shaded areas around your property (perimeter of the home and outbuildings) where mosquitos are likely to rest during the day.


Organic Mosquito Repellent

Looking for an eco-friendly option? Our treatment uses organic cedar oil, which deters mosquitos from entering your property. This service works best when applied every 21—30 days during the summer.


Transfilm Application (Anti-desiccant)

An anti-desiccant will be applied to all ornamental trees and shrubs susceptible to winter burn, creating a barrier on the surface of leaves and slowing water loss. The application will be made in early winter when temperatures remain below 55 degrees. During severe winters, a second application may be necessary and will be performed for an additional cost with client approval.


Dormant Oil Application

An organic application that uses a high rate of OMRI-listed Horticulture Oil during the dormant season. This application works well in overwintering pests such as mites and scale insects.


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