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Choosing a Lawn & Plant Healthcare Provider: The Do’s and Don’ts

It’s hard to find people you trust. We asked our own specialist what she looks for in lawn and plant healthcare providers to help clarify your own search. See what she had to say below!

1. Where do you start when looking for a Lawn & Plant Healthcare company?

Tina Graver, Lawn & Plant Healthcare Coordinator: If I were a consumer in the market for a lawn and plant healthcare company, I would start by asking my neighbors or whose lawns I coveted. I am outgoing, so I would just ask, even if I didn’t know them.

I think most potential clients would start with an internet search as that is how most shopping begins. I [would] want an upfront explanation of why that particular company’s offering is the best value for me. I want to know what makes them different, and at what price. I want to feel right off the bat that there will be no haggling. I like to believe that I am purchasing quality [services] at a fair, or even less than, market value price.

2. How do you know when you’ve found the right one?

TG: Everyone’s needs and expectations are going to be slightly different, and there is a company out there for everyone.  You will know you’ve found the right company once you have identified what your needs are and that the prospective company has evidence that it will be able to satisfy those needs.  Consider the following:

  • Price

  • Point of contact

  • Number of visits

  • Free follow ups

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Good reputation

  • How fast are they able to respond to your needs

  • Transparency of the company

For me, having that personal point of contact is very important, so I know I have found a good company when I have met/talked to a representative that I can get along with.

3. What are the steps a homeowner should take when calling/ interviewing companies?

TG: By the time you actually decide to call, you should have a pretty good idea about what you are getting into because you have already read reviews online or talked to a friend who gave you the referral. The phone call should really just let you feel solid about the homework you have already done.

Outline what is important to you before you call the company. Then, during the conversation, keep referring to this outline to make sure that all your questions have been covered. It is often a good trick to not sign up with them on the first conversation. Give yourself a chance to think things over and give the company a chance to follow up with you—that way you can see how much they will care about you as a customer.

4. Are there any red flags to watch out for that will help homeowners avoid a disreputable company?

TG: There are tons of red flags!

Watch out for the lowest priced company that promises to get you on the schedule right away. This usually means they are scrounging for work and you must ask yourself why. Beware of salespeople that have to constantly tell about how much experience they have. For example, if you are meeting with someone and he keeps telling you (such as 5 times in 30 min) that he has been doing this for 15+ years, having to oversell yourself can indicate a low self-esteem. A confident salesperson/company doesn’t need to brag or try hard to convince you— their reputation and general demeanor should be able to do that on its own.Look at the truck/equipment they pull up in with. You want a company that invests in its people and equipment. If they are trying to save money on not getting good equipment, then they are probably cutting corners in other places (i.e. shopping poor quality fertilizers, etc.).

5. Why choose Thrive?

TG: What sets Thrive apart is our knowledge and responsibility. We determine the cause of the issue and then apply prescriptive treatments. Plants that thrive begin with healthy roots, [and] healthy roots need healthy soil. Our comprehensive program starts with a soil test, ensuring we are treating the cause and not masking symptoms. We anticipate needs and your custom program will cover everything your landscape needs…Are you tired of being surprised when you find out a service your lawn needs, like grub control or control of certain weeds, costs extra? Thrive’s unique approach covers all bases. No surprises.

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